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packages and pricing

In a flying dress photoshoot, costs include assistant and dress cleaning fees. Permits for special locations may require additional fees. Sessions average 45 minutes depending on the package.

There is no fee to add your spouse to your session.


Maternity Sessions are available for any listed package, and a specialty dress is included in blue or pink. See dress catalogue and scroll to the bottom for photos.

Please message me for groups and mother/daughter sessions, or for locations outside of the Phoenix area.

Extras can be added to photo packages. Diana Nichole, the photographer, is also a master makeup artist with 10 years experience. There is a benefit to having the photographer apply the makeup application as I know how the makeup photographs in my work. Other makeup artists, hand picked for their experience, may be assigned. 

Copyright law states the photographer owns the copyright to all photographs. You may purchase the exclusive rights, and your photos will not be shared or used in any way. Purchasing this option is separate from any package.

 Contact me on social media to book your session.

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